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Therapy Department

The SWLEOC Therapy team is a highly dynamic and integrated team of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapist, Therapy Technicians and Rehabilitation Support Workers. We pride ourselves in our modernised approach to elective orthopaedic recovery and evidence based care, constantly striving for excellence through innovation and research.

You will have input from the Therapy team at different stages of your journey, depending on the type of surgery you have.

Before your Surgery

Most patients cope very well after their surgery and are fully independent. Based on the information you share with us in your lifestyle questionnaire (for total hip replacement, total and unicompartmental knee replacement and shoulder replacement), the team will assess whether you require any support or equipment after your surgery. One of the team may contact you to discuss this further and make the appropriate arrangements before your admission. Please watch this helpful video on how to prepare for your surgery

Preparing for Surgery

It is very important for you to keep your muscles working and joints’ moving before your surgery as evidence has found that this will make a positive difference to your recovery. These exercises will appear in your Journey Booklet and please click on the links below for the exercise videos.

Total Hip Replacement Pre-Surgery Exercises

Knee Replacement Pre-Surgery Exercises

Your Hospital Stay

We work very closely as a multi-professional team to ensure that you have a smooth recovery and can have every confidence in the team looking after you. Evidence shows that the sooner you start moving after your surgery the better the start to your recovery. The team will get you up on the same day as your surgery as soon as you are able. The therapy team will:

  • Provide education and advice about your surgery
  • work through your exercise program to improve your muscle strength and get the joint moving
  • ensure that you are able to walking safely with a suitable walking aid
  • practice the stairs if needed

It is your opportunity to become as independent as possible and please feel free to ask the team any questions you have along the way.

Your Anaesthetic

The anaesthetist will see you pre-operatively and discuss the options for your surgery. Most patients for lower limb surgery have a spinal anaesthetic with sedation. This allows you to get up and moving very quickly after the surgery and you do not have the additional recovery from a general anaesthetic.

Please see this document for more information on anaesthesia.

Please see this document for more information on spinal anaesthesia.

Getting up and Going after your surgery

Early Stage hip replacement exercises

Early stage knee replacement exercises

Your Discharge

We will aim for you to be recovering in the comfort of your own home as soon as possible. We aim to discharge most patients on the same day or the day after surgery (ie day 0 or 1). Occasionally patients will need a longer stay. You will be discharged with the medium term and long term exercise program and will have an understanding of what to expect during your recovery.

Mid Stage Hip Replacement Exercises

Late Stage Hip Replacement Exercises

Mid Stage Knee Replacement Exercises

Late Stage Knee Replacement Exercises

At SWLEOC, we aim to ensure that you have the best possible recovery journey, tailored specifically to your needs. This is based on your pre surgery level of function, the type of surgery you have had and how you manage while you are with us in hospital. A member of the team will discuss this with you and please feel free to mention any concerns or questions you may have.


SWL Training and Development Program

We have implemented a Training and Development Program in order to streamline the referral pathway for patients requiring a surgical opinion. The main aims of this program are to standardise referral pathways, support workforce development; facilitate networking and mentorship; develop educational opportunities; and support new, transformative ways of working.

Click here to watch our training webinars

Therapy Team

Boudine Pearce

Professional Lead for Elective Orthopaedic & MSK Services